22 Jul 2016

Do you have a soul Marcus?

The same one I had yesterday. He raises an eyebrow. This is tired ground, yet it seduces with its arcane simplicity. His soul exists the same way his god does, preserved in concealed perfection. I’m ambivalent, having either no soul or two. Our ceasefire is friendly, for the most part.

This business of a soulmate, Marcus. Are we to assume that souls are created in pairs? I’m thinking of the mechanics. An utterly sweet algorithm that matches, connects and sustains. Across lifetimes, if you prefer that.

He is serious now. Are you questioning the depth of human connection or its foundation?

I’m wondering at the absolute certainty with which we are able to explain things of which we are absolutely uncertain. Think Marcus, we have no context, adrift on a rock in a universe that we can barely comprehend, living for variable lengths of time for reasons that are still unclear, our physical selves configured in such flawless vulnerability, unsure of why we are here at this time or in this place or what will happen next and yet there is another soul that fits neatly into the waiting arms of our boundless ignorance.

Yes. If you will let it.

But you know that I have two souls and even they can barely stand each other.

unnoticed, a lone eagle
splits my night sky
in two


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