26 Jul 2016

The ocean grabs the words from my lips, taking them into the folds of its roil, until the churn of sand and froth at my feet mirrors the ceaseless battle inside my head.

Why ascribe poetry to unfeeling physics?

The ocean has its own sound, its own rhythm Marcus, so it cannot allow you to find your own. It gyrates and sings like a belly dancer behind a cloud of smoke, forcing you to move your thoughts to its music. A slow, inescapable seduction.

And a river leaves you standing on the bank, going by without so much as a flash of recognition in its mossy eyes.

And somehow your thoughts find direction, walking in its blue footprints.

Hesse gave his Siddhartha a river in which to find the meaning of life.

What would he have discovered on the seashore?

The river – making its way home.

show me where the sea begins
and I will tell you
where it ends.


33 thoughts on “26 Jul 2016

  1. What a wonderful new blog Thotpurge. I am surprised by the beauty of your haibun. I only knew that you wrote poems and haiku. And of course you shared a few haibun. I think you have become addicted to haibun after that month at cdhk in which we read Basho’s ‘oku no hosomichi’, the most famous haibun ever.
    Congrats with your interview on poets united and with this new weblog. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks Kristjaan. It’s true, I learnt so much during that Basho month at CDHK and am so enjoying experimenting with Haibun. Appreciate your work greatly.


  2. It is a nice, new look over here. 🙂 I like your philosophical conversation with Marcus. Siddhartha is one of my favorite stories. Somehow, I think he would have found equally profound lessons on the seashore.

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  3. I admire the haibun very much Thotpurge. These lines particularly caught my eye:

    A slow, inescapable seduction.
    And somehow your thoughts find direction, walking in its blue footprints.

    Love how you make nature so alive in your words. Thanks for joining us at D’verse!

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  4. Really enjoyed the piece the ocean and the river – there place on this earth and within the soul….a connection of material and the spiritual ….thank you, and thank you Hesse…bkm

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