22 Aug 2016

Marcus, if the present is just the aggregation of the past, if this ‘now’ is a culmination of all those that came before it, then is it chance that brought me here or a massive interplay of choreographed events that really left me with no choice.

Aggregation? Sometimes the now is just an insipid average.

Then here, where the eye beholds the sublime, the soul rises to meet the stars that hang low over the grass, where the quiet contains the infinite, where time is only the colour of the kneeling sky -being here has to mean something beyond just heightened sensory perception.

You could consider yourself lucky, blessed perhaps, if it can explain your willingness to accept that your life is but an ephemeral cog in the wheel of survival.

Is there another explanation?

There’s a chance you’ll find one, if you’re looking for it. Or if you are blessed.

straightening the rainbow
changing the angle of the wing
a prayer wheel turns



32 thoughts on “22 Aug 2016

  1. And that is it, of course: Some are blessed with the mind’s pleasures, some with the daily adjustments in the universe, and some with both when we have the pleasure of conversation and/or poetry.

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  2. Evolution is not a simple beneficial process but one dictated by those that see differently, hacking away at the Gordian knot giving us a future that is not planned. Sadly this the wisest species (in their opinion) act in the most malevolent way. Poets however do give hope in their words when little else works.

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