23 Aug 2016

Why they were born?

You think that’s what people want to know about the most?

Nothing else could be more important or less understood.

I think, Marcus, all that people want to know about, for sure, is the future. Their greatest hope. Their greatest fear.

That could be an interesting way to count down the days. No sudden thunderstorm, no impromptu walk in the rain…

A pre-configured timeline exorcised of hope and fear. Where tomorrow is just another act of a play you’ve already read. Under an umbrella.

When you know how it ends, you might enjoy the scenes even more, knowing it’s the only shot you have at them.

With the script safe and dry in your raincoat pocket.

no beginning, no end,
the spiderweb
just lies in wait


5 thoughts on “23 Aug 2016

    1. And yet people will do almost anything to know those ‘choices’ before they make them…the fear of the unknown perhaps!! Thanks so much Elizabeth. Much appreciated.


      1. I agree, but that is choosing to be directed by the fear, rather than hope, perhaps? Freedom always brings responsibility and responsibility brings choices, something many individuals don’t really want, and are afraid of. “But what if I”m wrong?” The endless song of that person standing on the precipice of choice. For many that is resolved by religion and the ‘rules’ of said religion. But, those non-individual choices, often entail a limiting of freedoms. And that in turn, means existing, rather that living fully in the present moment.


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        1. So true, the attraction of astrology to tarot cards to palm and tea reading is probably a manifestation of that fear. And you’re right that religion and faith does help resolve a lot of the choices we make or don’t end up making.


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