31 Aug 2016

How would you like to be remembered, Marcus.

As a caricature, a portrait, a monochrome abstract..

An outline in the sand that the wind will slowly fill with its own stories?

When it’s over, there’s just a blank canvas. People recreate memories. For themselves. For others. Forever.

I want to be remembered for the little things, the things that I have forgotten. Something I screamed to the storm when lightning streaked all the way down to the sea, cutting open the sky. Something I wrote when the new mango leaves, brown and shiny, began to curl around the melting sun. Something I whispered when the wave waited a moment longer before it…why are you smiling?

How many people know, how many can read your mind?

That depends Marcus. How well can you paint?

is it the pink shimmer of dawn
or just the tearful moon
kissing the roses goodbye


38 thoughts on “31 Aug 2016

  1. Yes, I too like the idea of being remembered for the little things….the stuff of life that makes up my (and everyone’s) humanity. I like this poem a lot. It is a favorite of yours for me & seems a bit of a different style!

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  2. WHew! I’m blown away, like a sand painting when the wind pauses for a second for us to commit the little things to memory before blowing it away. Grin.


  3. Enjoyed this piece, from begining to end. …….
    How many people know, how many can read your mind?
    That depends Marcus. How well can you paint?………………………..really liked these two lines though.

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      1. Went back and started reading your July entries. Fascinating and I love the conversational style. Have been known to use it myself. But really like the fact that you are using poetic form, and the haiku endings are beautifully wrapped gifts. Clapping….


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