04 Sep 2016

Maybe Marcus, we ought to think of time as vertical, rather than horizontal. All of us, hurtling down an abyss. The things we see, people we know, like theatrical images on the walls, fleeting, blurring, falling at their own pace, as the end tugs the soles of our feet downward.

The rabbit hole to eternity? And what waits at the end?

Maybe you fall until you realise that neither the falling nor the end matters.

What if you are going up? Collecting all those images, expanding as they fill you, higher and higher, until you are free in the sky, blotting the sun, until you are just a tiny speck that has found the rhythm of the light.

Curious direction to fall, isn’t it?

high above the lake
I see my shadow
swimming with the pearl spot fish


26 thoughts on “04 Sep 2016

  1. I agree with Grace! The haiku is lovely and I love the idea of time as vertical, that we may fall up and well as down. Reminds me of a Shel Silvertein poem with a twist.


  2. I love what you can draw from that conclusion… what if time is vertical.. it’s that type of metaphors that make the difference… when Einstein posed such questions it lead to Theory of Relativity… what if time and space are related… I think it’s simple questions like this that leads us forward.

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      1. I think his basic question was… is there an absolute maximum for anything to move… (speed of light)… to that he came that time has to depend on where you are… and finally to that mass and energy was interchangeable which lead to the atomic bomb… you are talking about light moving only downstream… I just wonder were that would lead.


  3. As a kid, used to fall up stairs while reading comics (before cell phones & iPads for 3 year olds), so perhaps it is just a matter of perspective; very intriguing piece, kind of “Marcus in Wonderland” or “Thot through the Looking Glass”. I like the lines /maybe you fall until you realize that neither the falling nor the end/matters/.

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