06 Sep 2016

Look at that night sky Marcus, covering its deception with a blanket of darkness, turning on within every vulnerable soul, twinkling stars of yearning, of thirst, of longing beyond the mirror of possibility.

You think dreams are a charade of the light?

See the morning, bright, transparent, you look though the air and your thoughts float before you like bubbles in the sunshine, cradling rainbows, cavorting with the butterflies.

And the night gives them places to hide, to fuse, to morph into a six-faced chimera that sings and roars and whispers to your fears.

Even the moon tries to shred the dark, Marcus, but she always fades away.

deepening dusk
the bird and the water
slip into the night


28 thoughts on “06 Sep 2016

  1. I love the way your haibun goes full cycle and how you describe morning as an awakening of thoughts that : ‘float before you like bubbles in the sunshine, cradling rainbows, cavorting with the butterflies’ that hide in the night as dreams/nightmares. Your moon is a kind one and the haiku is delightful!

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  2. 090916..
    and the stars
    oF sigNificance
    aS 1 and 6 and 9
    for one above.. below..
    inside.. outside.. and all around
    as 6 and 9 swirls Golden Spiral..
    of Dancing
    Feat wHo
    Feats oF
    UniVerse sWirL
    iN BaLanCinG oF BeinG
    OnE WiTh GoD oF NaTure
    wHOle.. oh.. wHo new 42
    iS in this
    as liGht1..

    sTiLL eVolVinG3
    0ceAn wH0lE 4noW2..:)


  3. stars / anything / anyone so beyond us do make us thirst, long and yearn for them…i like the contrasting thoughts…dreamy day and deceptive night…and what an exquisite end!…”the heron and the water
    turn into the sky”…wow…

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