12 Sep 2016

Somewhere along the way, Marcus, the path to salvation shifted from the renunciation of desire to the dogged pursuit of one’s passion.

Are they that different?

Both replace one set of desires with another… one definition of success with another… one life with another…

Both guarantee to exalt, to elevate you above lesser men.

Because if there’s one thing more deplorable than failure, it’s mediocrity.

Which explains why there is no average spiritual goal or ordinary passion.

Just ordinary, average people.

the eagle and the butterfly
one cloud blocks the sun


15 thoughts on “12 Sep 2016

  1. Thoughtful poetic musings with Marcus here! I’m thankful that salvation is an extraordinary grace given to ordinary people…a gift to be accepted,not earned.


  2. I really love your conversation with Marcus, and the wisdom in your words on passion is so much something I believe in… We had a prompt on antithesis on dVerse a long time ago, but yes passion is never lukewarm. If you read one of Neruda’s sonnets you will see what I mean.

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    1. Thanks Bjorn…Am enjoying that new blog. I will look up Neruda’s sonnets, love his writing. All of it makes me wonder if I have such a strong passion for anything in particular or if I really must 🙂


        1. True… there are many who follow their hearts with grace and no fuss and then those for whom it is another buzzword… see the number of books churned out on the topic!


    1. Thank you. Though I suppose there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an average Joe, living an ordinary life and just being reasonably happy…why knock that, right. Whatever works.


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