14 Sep 2016

We have become so skeptical, Marcus, that everyday miracles hide from our incredulous eyes, their wonder unfolding in the dark corners that our scorn cannot bring itself to reach.

Then create your own miracles. Look what the sky does with just water and light. Every day. Every moment.

That’s science.

And that the sun now sets in your disbelieving eyes, here, in this moment, is…

A mathematical probability.

But what you choose to make of this melting orange fraction of time is your own private miracle.

trapped in an eddy
the breathless moon
watches itself spin


24 thoughts on “14 Sep 2016

  1. A philosopher or scientist may conjecture or analyse all that we see around us and in the heavens above but I think it far better to watch and wonder and be spellbound that I am part of the beauty of it all. This a is a great haibun Thotpurge.

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  2. I think we all have our own private miracles if only we look for them in our lives. Indeed the sky works miracles with water and light. What miracles could we ourselves work with such ‘basic’ ingredients as we are given? Thought-provoking, lovely words.


  3. Wonderful opening stanza. This whole well written piece of poetry made me look deep within at the miracle that is life itself; which I / we tend to take for granted. So, may the light inside all, continue to shine with hope and peace.

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