24 Sep 2016

All of life seems to be tightly wrapped in a shrill din, incandescent voices, iridescent noises, speaking and hearing much more that we need to, a symphony of eternal discord.

Until you find the silence and learn to listen to it.

Not the kind of silence, Marcus, that you get when you’re alone, or can feel in the orange tissue of dawn or taste in the icy wind that brushed past a lone tulip…

Perhaps one in which everything dissolves into a kind of luminous clarity and thoughts flow in translucent channels, lucid and complete, a stream of poetry that needs no muse, no words.

What would we think about in such stillness?

a wing flap
a gasp
then just blue sky


7 thoughts on “24 Sep 2016

  1. Beautiful writing, Rajani. I love the exploration of the many flavors of silence we can find within us. I was watching the movie The Revenant this weekend and was thinking about the way it created this melancholic sense of loneliness at times. With the music, the vast visuals, the isolation. But so different from other silences I’ve plumbed. There is so much in there… A wing flap / a gasp… So perfect…


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  2. Such beautiful writing. Shows you really found a wonderful theme. But more than that, I lose myself in this writing. It is so seductive. It is almost hard to comment, not to interrupt that flow of silence within me after reading.
    So beautifully condensed at the end. So full of imagery, the orange, the blue, and the lone tulip. The rhythm, though, is what shines here.

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