27 Sep 2016

What more more would you add, Marcus, to the bubbling pot of alchemy that will transform this murky concoction of grief into effervescent joy?

Unless, of course, the pot is empty.

You think there is no sorrow? Just the absence of happiness.

Like darkness is just a period when we cannot see the light.

What if grief is the original energy and joy its ephemeral placeholder?

That’s why joy, like a pretender, begs to be shared while grief insists on being borne alone.

a storm
between two silences
a storm


2 thoughts on “27 Sep 2016

  1. Wonderful. Intimate yet universally philosophical. In slightly different style than the one I read before, which was lush and rich with wordplay, delightfully.
    This one is spare with description , sparse, direct. Powerful.
    And oh your haiku, bounces back and forth between line 1 and 3: masterful.


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