06 Oct 2016

At some point, Marcus, experiences and emotions get repetitive. Even that spontaneous search for joy in every moment becomes a banal chore, that might seem pleasantly familiar but is exactly the same as it has been several times before.

Even dawn recycles her orange tulle veil.

You’re right, perhaps, that is how it’s meant to be. Boredom is just a sign that one hasn’t accepted the inevitable monotony of existence.

It depends on how high you set the bar.

Up there, where stars are born and imploding constantly, where creation is in constant flux, where everything touches the entire universe though nothing does.

That’s why we made poetry… and dreams.

waning moon
one unfulfilled promise
after another


39 thoughts on “06 Oct 2016

  1. How important it is to look at life obliquely. Yes we must try to live normal ambitious lives but certainly we should look at ourselves to see if we are achieving happiness or being just another competitor and losing sight of what really counts.


  2. Great Crie de Coeur – And with you all the way here. Long live the restless spirit of the poet in pursuit of true happiness and magic for themselves and others… Poetry and dreams indeed… With Best Wishes Scott


  3. I absolutely love this!! ❤️ no doubt there is magic in everything that we come across and we try to preserve it as we pen down dreams via poetry ❤️ Beautifully penned (as always)

    Lots of love,

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  4. Indeed life is oftentimes monotonous, but we can be thankful for those highs (and lows) that give substance to our lives & also perhaps be thankful for those monotonous times to get outside of our monotony and write poetry & spin our dreams! Lovely writing.

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  5. Your words to Marcus goes from strength to strength… I absolutely adore this. the wisdom. How boredom of beauty somehow lessens it… yes that’s why we make poetry… Very close to to Victor Shklovsky’s concept of Defamiliarization… Love how you tied it to the images of the sky.

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  6. Boredom is just a sign that one hasn’t
    accepted the inevitable monotony of existence

    One refuses to accept that there are moments when nothing seems to work. It can be translated to something like nothingness and poetry and dreams are saviors. How cleverly thought of Thot!



  7. I do like the haiku to finish with. And sometimes our state of mind can daily raise or lower the bar, emotions depending I guess; and as poets we do suffer with those turmoils. I did enjoy haibun.


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