08 Oct 2016

But festivals remind us, reassure us that in the end, good will always vanquish evil just as light destroys the dark. Revalidates our faith in the overall social construct.

Even though reality keeps confirming that the darkness grows more dense, more greasy, more opaque?

Hope isn’t anchored in reality. Hope is the simmering continuum of human need to better itself.

Except this isn’t a clear race to the finish where you can stand on the sidelines and cheer for your team.

No, it is a maze within a maze. Everyone is running. Everyone is a spectator.

And all we have, Marcus, is an old moral compass that we hope is pointing to the exit.

in the morning breeze
a hint of lavender
from leftover dreams


4 thoughts on “08 Oct 2016

  1. I love this discussion on hope and the spirit. I think holiness is not exactly the same thing, but would love to hear/read in a poem why you think so. Perhaps I feel that hope is subjective as in”What gives you hope?” and that holiness is objective, as in “Is anything holy?” Now that I have written that, I see it is faulty logic and the terms can be exchanged! Wow! Thanks.


    1. Faith is hope in a way.. and holy days/ festivals reinforce that hope.. at least that was the thought when I wrote it… a statement of our belief in goodness… gets complex doesn’t it 🙂


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