15 Oct 2016

Interesting that scientists now think the universe may be a simulation. A virtual test case, run on predefined parameters, by a more intelligent being.

A digital argument in favour of creation?

Well, if we are indeed in a simulation, it is probably one of many! And this could be the one that failed. A flawed game that did not produce the expected results.

You could consider then, that life as we know it should not have emerged at all.

Exactly, Marcus. And that makes us just the incorrect output of a massive error -in the basic assumptions or in the system itself.

At least that would explain why we are so messed up.

the owl rotates its head
which is the aberration – the wet moon
or its reflection in the sky


38 thoughts on “15 Oct 2016

  1. And then there is that frightful possibility that ours is the only simulation that actually worked, the best of all the gazillion dystopic scenarios (where the owls wouldn’t even consider rotating their heads).

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  2. I laughed at the perfect image in the Haiku. That is me and you, serously. I rather like the idea of a techno nerd supernatural who errs here and there.


  3. I’m glad your haibun offers an explanation. Really. On these days of madness, we need one… we need so many things… if we are to keep ourselves from running outside to choke the idiocy out of each other.


  4. Our persistent searching will one day lead to downfall and disappointent. With such a short life we tend not to enjoy it to the fullest without our questioning why?


  5. This is a lovely haibun, classic in its use of present tense. And the extension of simulation questions in the ending haiku

    Thanks for dropping by my blog this week Thotpurge

    Much love…


  6. Okay, I’ve been sitting here just trying to sort out my own thoughts. What if the flaw is the only point of the simulation? The owl accepts both the moon and its reflected light, but still moves forward to find what it needs to continue life. We, on the other hand, spend most of our time seeking a perfection that we ourselves can not produce because we are flawed. How much better off would we be if we accepted our imperfect state of being and still moved forward?



    1. I thought about that too…the question that came to me however was, if the whole thing is not real, then what are we moving towards anyway… quite a whirl ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much Elizabeth.


  7. Messed up we are! But I take heart from watching the owl, who seems to know more than we do. Isn’t it grand that the inarticulate creatures can teach us, if only we will pay attention?

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  8. Yes, I have often thought so. (Particularly when I was a young child! It was those faces in the sky, peering down at me…) Love, love, love this piece.


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