05 Nov 2016

And yet, we keep seeking the shortest path toward something we can hardly define, something so kinetic and nebulous that we can barely comprehend it. And yet, we can describe that journey in the direction of some waiting truth, some haloed happiness, some gold tipped pinnacle of self-actualization, as if that alone makes life worth living,

Why should the path be directed towards a goal?

Where would it lead, Marcus? Back to ourselves, over and over?

Perhaps we just need an orbit, a road around the source of our energy.

Around a personal sun that keeps us moving through light and dark for as long as life is?

Isn’t that the waiting truth?

on the other side
of the horizon, the other half
of the eagle’s wing


29 thoughts on “05 Nov 2016

  1. Another appealing part of the series. Yes, a book…surely, but also I really do wonder if WordPress is the best platform for this.

    Medium.com is a great platform, and in my opinionion a better place for the quality here. I feel WordPress is fine for flowerpot writers, but Medium is where the best write. Readership gravitates towards writers and writes are promoted by the site when the readers do. It is run by the guy who started Blogger and left, then started twitter. He pays some of the writers.
    WordPress has an infuriating habit of splashing posts with advertising for readers who do not have an account with WorPpress. This is incredibly distracting, and brings the time down.
    Aside from that I find the Medium experience a cut above anyway, very user-friendly (without gimmicks).


  2. “Perhaps we just need an orbit …” How intriguing! Ultimately that is how we experience God in everything. But today, I should wish a spiral rather than an orbit, or an orbitting spiral. I want change so badly that orbit and the gravity of non-change is depressing me. And yet, I feel an air of discovery and uplift in your poem and it makes me wonder. Intersecting orbits? How would that work? Maybe I should rest with Marcus, just now, heal and take that orbit with me when engaging with the world. You always get me thinking. I seek the other wing, the other side. So beautiful.


  3. I wonder if goals are really that important. It is surely better to better to enjoy the swings and roundabouts of life and and be surprised and delighted constantly rather than be disappointed at never reaching a particular goal.


  4. Well, this is interesting….that a path is not necessarily directed toward a goal. I like that idea really, as we may discover a ‘goal’ inadvertently as we walk!


  5. A well thought-out haibun. The orbit idea is an appealing one and constant circling around a source of light and energy a good image. As time keeps on ticking by, one hopes that the change that inevitably happens is a positive one!


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