07 Nov 2016

Would you do it, Marcus, put a message in a bottle and throw it into the sea, hoping it will turn up decades later half way across the world? Connecting you to a bemused stranger, across time and space?

The digital ocean is full of bottles, so cavalierly tossed in, it’s hard to imagine anyone’s going to be picking one up off its shores, anytime soon.

Is that what we leave behind then, messages no one will read, clues no one will ever decipher.

How does it matter if you are alive again, just for a moment, for a complete stranger, to whom your pathos might sound as alien as your words. How does it matter if he tosses the bottle back into the water, unopened?

Strange that we are so sure of death, but never sure how we must let go and die.

Not if we keep inventing ways to live forever.

trembling in the cold wind
the sleepless rose
curses the sun


28 thoughts on “07 Nov 2016

  1. Why do we ache so much to feel significant, to be connected to other humans being,at the expense of enjoying the warmth of warm sunshine, of hearing the intimate joy of singing songbirds, of seeing rose petals dance in a fragrant breeze?


  2. You pose haunting questions that – as one who creates – we may constantly be asking ourselves. How does an artist gain an audience in midst of a sea? Does our audience define us? Will they remember us? if so, how will we be remembered? And last — why do we feel that being seen, known & remembered matters? The comment above resonantes…why do we spend so much time trying to be seen, to feel seen — and lose the ability to simply be, see, experience, appreciate, love? Your poem prompts so many thoughts – thanks for sharing.

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  3. This throws up so many questions – if everyone put a message in a bottle, the sea would be full of litter. When I was a child, the idea seemed so romantic. Now we are doing the same thing in cyberspace. We just want to connect with other human beings and this seems the safest and most likely way to do it. Although we know that that isn’t always the case. And yes, the content of some of the bottles isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Real bottles can be smashed by waves but what’s on the world wide web is apparently there forever – unless, of course, no one reads it.
    But I love your content and will keep looking out for your bottles!


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