26 Nov 2016

We keep trying to break free of the shackles, Marcus, colour outside the lines, draw upside down rainbows that straddle the horizon, until we realise that all we’ve done is shifted the lines, moved the horizon, locked ourselves into a different box and painted a sky we can bear to look at.

Connecting the dots along the rim of our fears…our ignorance…

And everything beyond that boundary, beyond that safety net, becomes part of a dark night, with its strange whispers, flashing eyes and swallowed secrets, a night that will destroy us if we sleep, that will haunt us if we stay awake, a night that deserves to be annihilated by the mask of day.

To know the beauty of night, you have to let the wind uncover the moon and stars on your bit of pretend sky.

cackling geese
what does the russet autumn
know of spring


22 thoughts on “26 Nov 2016

  1. These two have never before been in such agreement, such a loss of philosophy in a sense of helplessness. Yet, I believe–whether the geese remember year after year–autumn knows of spring and rejoices in its part in it. Mystery, thank God, still exists.


  2. Even those little moves are progress and as others see what is possible they may follow too whilst the stick in the muds will fear the worst and denounce such action as heretical and so we slowly evolve sadly with much hurt.


    1. Am referring to how we always find new things to exclude or be afraid of or stigmatize, even as we think we are moving ahead. Progress on one front, seems to tie us up in knots on another.


  3. We tend to stigmatise everything outside our own little box, what is out there in the dar, unknown territory outside our comfort zone. And lurking underneath it all is fear, I guess…


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