07 Dec 2016

A tiny island in the middle of the sea, where crumbling vestiges of some ancient past still cling to the undergrowth as if they had one last, reluctant secret hidden in their broken pillars and fading hieroglyphs, where marmalade sunsets bend low each evening to decipher the words before the moon wakes the sleeping marble, knocking in silver code, where the dark quiet is punctuated by owls telling their young about  ghosts that walk by day… Who would you take to such an improbable paradise Marcus, someone who despairs of poetry, someone who dismisses history or someone who decries the magic of nature’s circadian kaleidoscope?

Perhaps some paths are meant to be walked alone…

Maybe sorrow lends itself to solitude. But happiness, Marcus, happiness is a heart in love, craving company, miserable alone, looking constantly out of the window.

And bliss?

Where there’s an insomniac raconteur owl?

slowly wiping
another vapour trail
the sky sighs


24 thoughts on “07 Dec 2016

  1. The happiness here has such sadness in it. I identify, this week especially, when I can’t shake a tiny depression and would do anything to spend time with that owl who brings life to the sky trails, brings story! I love “marmalade sunsets” and “knocking in silver code.”


  2. There’s no “perhaps” about it: some paths MUST be walked alone. But those are the paths MOST worth walking.


  3. Enjoyed reading this. Love your imagery, the ideas of sadness and happiness. Though you set them apart, they still have some similarities. And bliss? Oh bliss.
    Your haiku is wonderful.


  4. I certainly wouldn’t take any of those to that paradise but one who would rather appreciate it rather than criticize it. How easy it was to visualize this.


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