28 Dec 2016

The innate problem with analysing the year gone by, is that time itself is only a convenient construct to understand the passage of our lives. Life can hardly make sense, divided into cold buckets of time, each striving to be better than its predecessor.

A rough year?

Well, Marcus, I think in the end, profundity, inaneness, emotional highs and lows will even out across various chunks of time. It is just mathematics, isn’t it?

And yet?

And yet the years fall like dominoes and I’m not sure that’s the game we’re playing.

rising for the encore
the sun sets
once more tonight


17 thoughts on “28 Dec 2016

    1. True, because of the inordinate significance attached to certain milestones, time finds itself honour bound to acknowledge the specious. You have to wonder about goals if there was no concept of time..just the state of being alive.

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  1. Those “cold buckets of time” reminds me of watching Bozo the Clown on TV when I was kid, they played this game where you tossed a ping pong ball into six successive buckets in a row. You won a prize with each bucket, and landing in Bucket Number Six won the grand prize. If only living through our life was like that …


  2. The metaphor of games is perfect. This worked really well in posing these unanswerable questions we all ponder at the end of a year.


  3. Yes… the game, what is it about? Seems a perfect time of year for this metaphor, at least for me, at home on a break playing games with kids. What are we doing anyway??? Glad I’m not the only one trying to figure that one out. I like this reflection a lot. (Haibun, right? Good one.)

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