22 Jan 2017

But I don’t subscribe to the theory that to realize the meaning of life, you somehow have to step away from living, from everything life has to offer, as if that distance, that denial, hollows out your bones and lets you rise to a place where you can look down at life’s emptiness and with it comprehend your own.

Doesn’t what you see depend on what you seek?

So you change the context, expand it so that you can see yourself as a cog in a giant wheel of spinning infinity, both entirely random and entirely deliberate at the same time? Does it make death more acceptable, Marcus, less fearful, less final?

Will it alter the way you live and think and act if you had no fear of death? If time was both endless and ephemeral at the same time?

how many blossoms will wither
in this garden tonight
the wind measures its shadow


30 thoughts on “22 Jan 2017

  1. A beautiful haibun Rajani and I am with you on this. Life is for living and enjoying the now. I believe you can have a wider perspective of the soul’s journey without that distance and without those fears whilst being fully present.


  2. oh i love the image of a cog in a giant wheel spinning infinity….one among countless yet playing its important part….when we have that vision our way of life alters i guess….a beautiful haibun, Rajani and the end haiku is awesome….


  3. So many measurements, so little meaning! Gorgeously put. We will never know our measure until too late to adjust it, I fear, for what could measurement in isolation ever mean? The daily deaths are dark and light enough!


  4. I think we have to live, knowing life is inevitable….not fear it….as it will come when it comes….but making sure that each day is embraced and savored even moreso because we know they are numbered.


  5. Great questions! (I’m dealing with somewhat similar things in my offering for this prompt.)
    Yes, I think time is both endless and ephemeral.
    I love your beautiful closing verse!


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