28 Feb 2017

I say our worst fear, Marcus, is not that our accomplishments will go unsung, but that our ordinariness will go unwitnessed and unacknowledged. The discordant details that define us, the little habits that enslave us, the everyday invisible machinations of our mind, that are flesh and bone, that are poem and soul, that mean nothing and everything, will fade away unknown.

That remains the unspoken contract of social relationships, to observe and exalt the insignificant minutiae that comprise the more tangible whole?

But where there is a favourable bias towards the whole, the average, the common and the ordinary are perhaps elevated or ignored.

Maybe we have to bear witness to our own inconsequence, our own mediocrity, our own irrelevant thoughts, maybe if we acknowledge them ourselves, that will become our unsung accomplishment, the one that will not matter in the end. The one that is nothing and everything.

from a feather, he births a bird
from a bird, he paints a sky,
from a sky, he steals another raindrop


34 thoughts on “28 Feb 2017

  1. This poem speaks to me in the moment as I try to accept leadings that will not bring me glory or visibility but only a heartfelt personal satisfaction. Reduced to mere faithfulness, do I love myself unconditionally, holding a space for transformation to share with friends and strangers? Maybe with this poem on the wall I will remember the abundance of a single gesture.


    1. I think that personal satisfaction will just shine through in your poetry and will bring you all the visibility and glory, even if you don’t seek it. Your work speaks for itself Susan.


  2. i feel a sadness for this fading away of our most precious yet trivial life “The one that is nothing and everything.” & it’s beautifully summed up in the end haiku…


  3. What is ordinary, is truly extraordinary, yet for many people, they’re blind to this fact. Maybe, this poem is the first step, in correcting this flaw, in humanity’s viewpoint, in everyday life.


  4. Beautifully, beautifully poignant write! Especially; “But where there is a favorable bias towards the whole, the average, the common and the ordinary are perhaps elevated or ignored.” โค๏ธ


  5. I think you would enjoy reading Thirteen Ways of Looking by Colum McCann. It celebrates the little things, the ordinary things, that too many of us take for granted.


  6. I love how you honor the sacred ordinary. Wish we could all be satisfied with that, which is quite special and unique. But as ego seeks acknowledgement, we can strive for genuine humility.


  7. The writing is as always magical and engrossing, though maybe you did d not reach where you were going. Perhaps I need to think about the points you were making and let them come to me more slowly.
    This piece reminds me of Paulo Coelho in tone/style and perhaps content too. I mean that as compliment.
    You have a “Alchemist” or “Petit Prince” in you, perhaps in haibun form, and perhaps from these Marcus series. If I was a publisher I would be interested.


    1. I hope some publisher somewhere is reading this!! Jokes apart, I agree, I too think it didn’t go all the way, but this series is helping me articulate my thoughts much better, will be a while before I can actually put them all in words, for sure! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I love your thinking! And how beautiful that, it is clear from the comments, so many others of us have have that awareness of the importance of the ordinary. I like, too, how you point to the uniqueness of each person’s particular variety of ordinariness. And the concluding poem is perfect!


    1. Thanks so much Rosemary. I remember a line from a movie that said something like we all need a witness for our lives… I think that needs to cover both the spectacular and the run of the mill aspects of one’s life.


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