05 Apr 2017

And they are looking for ways to integrate biological and digital intelligence, combine man and machine, create the inimitable super being.

Isn’t that the logical step up the evolutionary path? Advanced brain power? All the better to extend life, understand the universe, figure out the meaning of everything….

Think about it, Marcus. A half-human that can read and parse every single poem ever written and in a few minutes find repeated motifs, words and metaphors. Discover what we call good poetry, how poems stimulate the senses, and then in seconds churn out verse after verse of condensed joy. How would we like those poems? Will they make us cry? Give us goose bumps? Change our lives? Teach us to look for subtlety the way the sky smells a rose? Beg us to taste the words and feel the syllables run down our throats? Will that…that ‘poet’ feel the elation, the emptiness, the heaviness of creation? How can that be poetry- with no purpose and no soul?

You know by then the reader too will be half-machine?

but will you still love me,
cried the unbroken sky,
if I didn’t hide a moon in my pocket


12 thoughts on “05 Apr 2017

          1. For Westworld, do you mean the original movie version (1973), starring Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, and James Brolin.Or, the HBO series, that’s currently running. Personally, couldn’t stand the 1973 movie, not my type of movie, and have no plans to watch the series, either.


  1. I wonder, can we develop AI, to the point, where it’s possible for it, to feel emotions? Without being able to feel emotions, poetry is just words placed, before us. One of the reasons, I found Data/Lore, as most creepiest characters, in ST:TNG.


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