11 Apr 2017

I see a bookstore, a library and I know there is a book, several, that I will never read. So many things, Marcus, which I will never know. See a map of the world and I know there are innumerable journeys I will never take. And yet that one book or one journey could have meant something, changed my life if I had picked it…or if it had picked me. Life is a random line of stepping stones and we just hop from one to the next, fingers crossed behind our backs, hoping there is an actual destination. Or if this is the real path to it.

Maybe you already finished that one book or took that one trip. Saw the one sunrise that gathered the light of all the worlds into a point in your heart. Read aloud the one poem that drained the seven oceans into that single sound at the tip of your tongue.

I would know if I had. If it had? Wouldn’t I? No?

That’s where the stones take you. Back to that random point. Where you will know. Where it will make a difference.

between one wave
and the next- a shore, a sea,
an interminable wait

(Also: Journeys)

29 thoughts on “11 Apr 2017

  1. After college, I took a job managing a new/used Bookstore. I was in heaven because it allowed me to go right on learning each and every day. Eventually left there to teach at the University, Teaching is another kind of learning experience. All of life is a learning experience and I hope it continues til the day I die. I am happy to know I can never know it all, but I can go right on gathering knowledge. I think it would be sad if that were not the reality.

    Sea sends wave on wave
    to grasp at shore, Should that end
    the world would stop being.


  2. I so resonate with this – all the choices we didnt make (perhaps not even knowing there were so many choices). I have read likely millions of books in my lifetime, but still so many I will never get to. So many books, so little time, lol.


  3. That is the shape we look back on, the one we cannot predict. I want to live long enough–and wisely enough–to begin to see how every book, road and border crossing helped me to grow into fulfilling my purpose. Thank you. This is truly beautiful!


    1. How books and roads and border crossings helped me fulfill my purpose.. beautifully said Susan. So few can say that, and say it with gathered wisdom.. thanks so much.


  4. Yes, I often think “if only I could read them all.” I read as many as I can knowing wisdom may come via another route. I love your poem. It belongs in a special book.


  5. I really like this poem a lot. So many books that we will never read, and really we don’t know what we are missing. We choose one and take that journey, but there are so many journeys we do not take. The thing is, though, most often we don’t know what we are missing!!


  6. Truth in this one. These are my favorite lines:
    ‘Saw the one sunrise that gathered the light of all the worlds into a point in your heart. Read aloud the one poem that drained the seven oceans into that single sound at the tip of your tongue.’

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  7. A beautiful piece of writing! I am finally coming to accept that I cannot read ALL the books I want to. I also realise that I have a great fear of running out of books to read, so I make sure I have more piled up waiting than I can get to in a hurry … because even worse than not getting to them all would be not to have more still to get to.


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