24 Apr 2017

Maybe we are all just marionettes, Marcus, nodding wide-eyed at the end of a glowing digital string. The things we considered certainties now blow around like plastic clouds on a windless day.

Even a blatant falsehood is only as effective as the ignorance or apathy of the listener, isn’t it?

That creates a circle of masked puppets and blindfolded audience who don’t even realise they are in a show together, don’t even know if they are performing or viewing it. Or if there is a show. Or if they should care.

That could be the truth. If you want it to be.

what time is it, I asked the stormy sky
who knows, he said,
tomorrow I swallowed the sun


3 thoughts on “24 Apr 2017

  1. Maybe we are all marionettes, maybe it is a fool’s stage. I still hope for conscious awareness.

    Stormy sky swallows sun
    tears fall and are brushed away
    while rain seeks forgiveness


    PS…used one of your lines today, thank you…


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