21 Jun 2017

Do you write out of necessity, Marcus, as Rilke asks? Would you die if you couldn’t write? I am quite certain I won’t die of not writing, but the process of creating never stops, does it, just because you don’t commit words to paper? The little squiggles continue to form in the black void like chalky hieroglyphic mobiles swinging in gusts of perpetual thought.

Well, turn it around then, what is the question inside your head to which writing is the answer.

That’s trickier! But surely one writes, as George Mallory was inclined to say, “because it’s there”. You can or at least you think you have a shot, so you do it. You might die doing it, but the opposite may not necessarily be true.

Perhaps you should examine the positive effects. What happens if you write? What can happen if you write? What transforms you from consequence to cause?

So by writing you become the first flutter of the butterfly’s wing, stirring a new chaos, ensuring you live on in some form… and never die.

Conversely, if you don’t write, you die.

here they lie
the beginning of the beginning
and the end of the end, together


2 thoughts on “21 Jun 2017

  1. Joseph Campbell tells us that to discover our purpose is to find our ‘bliss’ and then follow it, wherever it leads. That bliss is what brings the breath of life to our being. Without it, we simply exist, waiting for death to overcome us. I find that writing opens doors to new life, new forms of bliss that simply await my further attention. All of which makes life a very rich experience, indeed. Glad to see you are reading Rilke.

    Butterfly flutters
    bringing new life across sea
    to true existence


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